Friday, November 15, 2013

Programmed Senescence & Cancer and Cellular Senescence Information


Article of interest:         Programmed Senescence

Senescence defined:

The state of physical decline, in which the body gradually becomes less strong and efficient with age.

Psychology states that we are genetically programmed to reach degreed levels of biological maturation at fixed times. We all are genetically programmed to die after a fixed number of years. Therefore, this will occur even if we never have a particular illness or accident. It is inevitable that programmed senescence will result in death at a “certain age.”

In the second edition of The Developing Person through the Life Span (1988, 1983) the “certain age” (maximum lifespan) for humans was 115 years.

A more recent finding by Mark Stibich, PhD (2007) states that the current accepted maximum life span is 122 years achieved by Jeane Clament of France.


Is “life span and life expectancy” the same?


Life span is different from life expectancy. Life span is the average number of  Myears an individual is expected to live.

Can the gap between life span and life expectancy be closed?

Yes, through a healthier lifestyle of less exposure to toxins and the prevention of chronic illness.

Researched by:

Clarice Marlene Grantt, PhD., NCP, BCCP

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