Saturday, November 30, 2013

Psychology - The Brain of Albert Einstein

Einstein, Albert (1879-1955) German born American physicist whose brilliant work influenced science for a century. Einstein won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921 "for his contributions in Theoretical Physics and for his discovery of the law of the photo-electric effect."

This is an excellent video showing how the brain of Albert Einstein work. It is well worth your time, but I feel that I must warn you that some parts become a bit graphic. You will also find out some amazing information about the man Einstein which will explain some of his complexities.

Do you think that Einstein's brilliancy derived from his thinking possibly characterized by "autism" or from his ability to have a deeper "concentration" compared to most?

You be the judge!!!

Clarice Marlene Grantt,  Ph.D, NCP, BCCP

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Thanksgiving Prayer for all!

Marlene's Ministry Corner

This prayer says so much and will truly touch your heart this Thanksgiving! We indeed have so very much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We live in a world of such uncertainty never knowing from day-to-day what will transpire globally, nationally, or locally. We are constantly in the need of God's eternal love, care and understanding. Giving thanks can be the least repayment offered to God
at this time of the year. We owe him so much more. My hope is that you will begin daily to give God thanks, not just at special times. Make it a daily pattern of asking God to continually be in each of our lives allowing him to do his work through us. Do this by initially professing a true belief in God that he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ into this sinful world to die for our salvation. Believe also in the resurrection of Christ and that through him we inherited the holy spirit. If you accept this you are saved and greatly blessed. Amen!

Clarice Marlene Moore-Grantt, Minister

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Psychology of Yin & Yang

This is an excellent interpretation of the yin/yang ( yang is pronounced yong like gong) Chinese philosophy that can be applied to how we look at opposites in our daily lives. It is a way to become more balanced in life and how we think in philosophical terms. It further show connectedness to a universal side of life that extends our minds beyond our limited realm of thought.

Clarice Marlene Grantt, PhD, NCP, BCCP

Monday, November 18, 2013

Psychology - Warning Signs of Suicide

There are a number of warning signs that should alert family and friends that a young individual may be getting dangerously overwhelmed with emotional turmoil that could lead to an increased risk of suicide:

1. A sudden decline in school attendance and achievement.

2. A break in a love relationship.

3. Withdrawal in social relationships.

4. An (earlier) attempted suicide.

5. Cluster suicides.

Do not fail to act when such warning signs are detected!

The act of suicide is a persons attempt to stop their unbearable pain or anguish by actually doing something about it. So undoubtedly the hope of saving a person's life is also to do something.

Some things you can do:

1. Reveal the suicidal person's plan to a social network (let others know about it)
2. Break the secret
3. Talk with the person
4. Tell others
5. Offer help
6. Start action around the person
7. Show response and concern
8. Try to offer "love"

Suggestions by:

Clarice Marlene Grantt, PhD, NCP, BCCP

Friday, November 15, 2013

Programmed Senescence & Cancer and Cellular Senescence Information


Article of interest:         Programmed Senescence

Senescence defined:

The state of physical decline, in which the body gradually becomes less strong and efficient with age.

Psychology states that we are genetically programmed to reach degreed levels of biological maturation at fixed times. We all are genetically programmed to die after a fixed number of years. Therefore, this will occur even if we never have a particular illness or accident. It is inevitable that programmed senescence will result in death at a “certain age.”

In the second edition of The Developing Person through the Life Span (1988, 1983) the “certain age” (maximum lifespan) for humans was 115 years.

A more recent finding by Mark Stibich, PhD (2007) states that the current accepted maximum life span is 122 years achieved by Jeane Clament of France.


Is “life span and life expectancy” the same?


Life span is different from life expectancy. Life span is the average number of  Myears an individual is expected to live.

Can the gap between life span and life expectancy be closed?

Yes, through a healthier lifestyle of less exposure to toxins and the prevention of chronic illness.

Researched by:

Clarice Marlene Grantt, PhD., NCP, BCCP

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Depression and the Holidays

Marlene's Ministry Corner

Depression and the holidays

As a board certified clinical psychotherapist I am most concerned about senior citizens and loneliness
during this time of the year. Being lonely can cause senior citizens to suffer from bouts of depression due to many reasons. One of the greatest stressors is when the elderly has recently loss a mate. This type loss compounded by the approaching holidays can increase the pain and stress made manifest by such. Another high stress comes from the loss of a child. The elderly  who are suffering with some sort of illness can be even more lonely during the holiday season as well. Those who have recently retired might be missing the friends or coworkers  whom they could talk with. At any rate we all could be helpful doing this time of the year by being mindful of the elderly. This could be a simple phone call letting them know that you are thinking of them or maybe asking them over for a holiday meal. I know that we are all busy with our own life's and the many challenges that life presents, but
just a minimal of attention to the elderly could be very rewarding to them.

Clarice Moore-Grantt,
Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist #00344
Nationally Certified Psychologist #01651

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Work of the Holy Spirit (cont'd)

Marlene's Ministry Corner

This week is a continuation of more of the Holy Spirit so that you can began to truly absorb the
message that our Lord has for you. Of course I do not expect all to fully absorb this until you have come to the place of understanding it in your spiritual walk. This sometimes takes years for some and for others it is readily acquired. However, it is a message that we all can never get enough of in our lives.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Marlene's Ministry Corner - What is the Holy Spirit?


What is the holy spirit?
          Bible text states that the holy spirit is spoken of as 'filling' people; they can be 'baptized' with it;
    and they can be 'anointed' with it.

Luke 1:41; Matt. 3:11

     Our savior Jesus also referred to the holy spirit as a "helper" and that this helper would "teach,"
"bear witness," "speak," and 'hear.'
John 14:16, 17, 26;  15:26; 16:13

Are you in your season with the holy spirit? If not you can be inspired through scriptural passages
that will lead you to the holy spirit as you continue your spiritual journey.

Marlene's Ministry Corner