Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Depression and the Holidays

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Depression and the holidays

As a board certified clinical psychotherapist I am most concerned about senior citizens and loneliness
during this time of the year. Being lonely can cause senior citizens to suffer from bouts of depression due to many reasons. One of the greatest stressors is when the elderly has recently loss a mate. This type loss compounded by the approaching holidays can increase the pain and stress made manifest by such. Another high stress comes from the loss of a child. The elderly  who are suffering with some sort of illness can be even more lonely during the holiday season as well. Those who have recently retired might be missing the friends or coworkers  whom they could talk with. At any rate we all could be helpful doing this time of the year by being mindful of the elderly. This could be a simple phone call letting them know that you are thinking of them or maybe asking them over for a holiday meal. I know that we are all busy with our own life's and the many challenges that life presents, but
just a minimal of attention to the elderly could be very rewarding to them.

Clarice Moore-Grantt,
Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist #00344
Nationally Certified Psychologist #01651

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