Monday, January 19, 2015

Continuing Dr. King's Dream

Marlene's Ministry Corner

Today there will be many celebrations in the honor of Martin Luther King Jr. all over this nation of ours. We can see some improvements for our civil rights but yet have far to go. Many of our youth fail to see why so much fuss is made about something that happened in 1965. They fail to see the value of remembering a fallen hero. That is why we must keep Dr. King's dream alive while extending it with newly found racial issues needing immediate attention. Instead of too much rhetoric and minimal action towards the cause, we must remain vigilant and deterministic to continue to strive for greater innovative proclivities to find answers.

God ask only that we do one thing that we love one another. Maybe we should began adhering to this one command from God. Why is this such a difficult thing to do? Is it a need for the most power, the most money, the most military power. Whatever the answer if we place God within the equation we will all win without a doubt.

Remember Luke 6: 37-38.........'Do not judge, do not condemn'.........