Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ebola! No Vaccine, No Cure....

Ebola - No vaccine, no cure!

How concerned should we be? Extremely concerned because so little is truly known regarding this deadly disease. This video will explain how Ebola is transmitted, where it came from, how to protect yourself from contracting it. I remember when the scare of getting Aids initially started here in the USA. We heard so many theories of how it originated and to this day there is not a definite answer for such. However, we learned that it could be transmitted through homosexuality relationships which was alarming enough. Later the fear increased when patients needing blood transfusions contracted Aids. How devastating was this knowing the innocent people were being diagnosed with Aids through the transfusion of blood products.  Going back to an earlier time in my childhood the great scare was the dreaded Polio which rendered children paralyzed from the waist down. It appears that every so generation a devastating disease will manifest gripping people with terrorizing fear. The ultimate answer here is to always become as educated about any new disease in order to alleviate having anxieties that could lead to total calamity.

Dr. Clarice Marlene Grantt

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